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A Must-See for Travelers Wanting to Journey like a Local in Japan/A Collection of Useful Websites

This article is written by a Japanese woman named Dolphin 🙂 who has traveled to 40 countries!


For foreigners who have a desire to try living in Japan, embarking on a new adventure requires the right resources to make the transition smoother.

The prospect of experiencing life in a different country is both thrilling and challenging.

In this article, we present a selection of user-friendly websites that are perfect for individuals looking to temporarily live in Japan and experience a new way of life. These platforms will provide you with essential information and support, making your journey into a new culture and environment as seamless as possible!

Three Ideal Accommodation Choices for Living Like a Local in Japan

Check the website

Tokyo area

Age Restriction for Tenants: 18 to 49 years old.

WEB Contract Available / Monthly Contract Available / No Guarantor Required (Guarantor company enrollment is mandatory, but the initial guarantee fee is only 15,000 yen) / Maintenance Included (for furniture and appliances repairs, etc.) / Free Transfer to Other Managed Properties (Zero Initial Costs) / Customer Service Center Operates on Weekends and Holidays / Foreign Language Support Available in addition to Japanese, including English, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, Myanmar, Nepali, and Sri Lankan.

After opening the website, you can inquire for more details by clicking on the top right corner.

Another link for shared apartment:東京、家賃3万円〜【シェアドアパートメント】

Never worry about finding delicious meals and memorable experiences!

In Japan, there is a website similar to OpenTable where you can easily make restaurant reservations.

It's called "Ikkyu 一休," and it not only offers restaurant reservations but also features carefully curated high-quality services such as hotels and spas.

When making a reservation through this site, you'll find a selection of upscale options, ensuring a satisfying experience. Among Japanese people, it's a famous and popular website. While there might not be an English translation available, you can try using Google Translate to navigate and make reservations.

Give it a try and enjoy your dining experience in Japan!

Recommended Bicycle Shops with Easy Rental Options for Foreigners

Offer high-end sports bike rentals such as road bikes, mountain bikes, and E-BIKES, and they can deliver them to your desired location in and around Tokyo. E-BIKES, a rare addition to our rental lineup, are beginner-friendly and perfect for sports bike novices.

Enjoy discounted rates for rentals of 2 days or more.

Website is available in English, and they offer free delivery within Tokyo's central areas. However, please note that additional charges may apply based on the delivery location.

Whether you're a traveler or a resident, if you wish to enjoy comfortable cycling at your destination, our service is highly recommended. Exploring the city on a bicycle not only provides you with a unique perspective on life in Japan but also allows you to discover the beautiful scenery from a different angle.

Go to the Website!

These boxes are recycle bins in front of the supermarket in Japan! After washing the contents such as trays, place them to the each box.

As you become more accustomed to traveling, you'll likely start to seek out experiences that go beyond just visiting famous tourist spots and instead embrace time spent with the locals.

Wishing you a wonderful stay in Japan!

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